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A day in Venice

A few (already too distant) weeks ago, I spent a day exploring Venice. A glorious day; a bright, sunny day that will forever hold a special place in my memories of Europe. Giddy with excitement from the moment I stepped onto the first boat of the day, I was awe struck by the beauty of this floating city. The historic architecture, tiny balconies, ornate archways, cobble stone paths snaking over 400 stone foot bridges. Every corner revealing another lane of stores, windows decked out in the finest goods to seduce the passerbyers. Enticed inside more often than not, how could I resist taking home a few pieces from this amazing city?

Playing fancy with a cappuccino and hot chocolate at Cafe Florian, the oldest, most exquisite cafe in St Mark’s Square that first opened its golden doors in the 18th Century. Skipping in the sunshine after taking our coats off – a rare occurence on this winter European escapade. A gondola ride with friends, sharing laughs and photographs over a few bottles of sparkling – not even the styrofoam cup could tarnish the moment! All capped off with an Italian dinner feast – antipasti, seafood, vegetables, risotto, gnocchi, spaghetti, pasta and gelati.

Venice – you delivered the perfect day.






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