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I will also be grateful to my dear Nan for introducing me to some of my most favourite leisurely pursuits; one being the ballet. Dressing up for a day in the city to have a Ladies Lunch and see Swan Lake or The Nutcracker, these are some of my most treasured childhood memories.

Some things never change, because last Saturday night I felt the same rush of excitement as I frocked up in a new lace dress and spent the evening at the Ballet. Giselle, performed by the renowned Paris Opera Ballet at the historic Capitol Theatre. And what an evening it was! The Ballet was breathtaking -with the dancers moving their bodies with such energy and strength, yet always graceful. The costumes for the Second Act were particularly amazing – the floaty white dresses were so dreamy and classic, the perfect fit for this quintessential romantic ballet.

Reflecting on the evening made me wonder, are experiences all the more special for occuring fleetingly? An evening at the Ballet is a much anticipated event, making it all the more special.






3 thoughts on “Giselle

    1. Oh wow well I am sure it was just as amazing as Giselle – I was so disappointed when I didn’t see that so couldn’t miss this opportunity! So few shows though, but I guess that makes it all the more special!

  1. I had the chance to catch the POB performing Giselle on tour in New York City when I lived there. I was so mesmerized that I have become obsessed by ballet ever since! I agree with occasions being special because they are fleeting; you’d wish they’d last longer but that’s what makes the beauty of it.

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