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Hello! (again)

By day, I work in a Sydney advertising agency. It is a fast paced world of big clients and daily deadlines. A world where I am lucky to be gaining experience working on huge brands in challenging industries. Industries that call for high-visibility safety gear over patent pumps and pearls.

While I love my job and am blessed to work alongside a team of innovative thinkers and creatives, I often find myself getting lost in thoughts of my own, personal creative pursuits. Pursuits that reflect my personality.

I am a girly girl – this is no surprise to anyone who knows me. I love fashion. I love beauty, health and wellness. I love to read magazines, blogs and chick-lit. I love to cook. I love events, adventures and celebrations. These things put a spring in my step and a smile on my face. These are the frills to my daily life.

So why not use this small corner of the internet to pay tribute to this? To empty my thoughts and document the frills that make life that little bit brighter! While I feel apprehensive to put my writing and photographs online  – who do I think I am, RosieBlaire Eadie? Olivia? – why not give this blogging thing a go (again!) This time, with no concerns over who sees it and judges me for it. Surely every blogger has these niggling doubts. Putting yourself out there in the public domain is scary, and does feel self-absorbed. But I don’t judge the blogs I read – rather, I applaud the ladies for being so honest, open and offering inspiration. What I hope is that someday, someone may read these rambles and recounts and feel a spark of inspiration themselves!



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