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The Wrong Girl – The Right Book!

I like the male species. They’ve done some good work over the years. Helping females procreate, building things, discovering things. Occasionally ruining things, but let’s focus on the positive stuff now.

So while I’m all for males (one boyfriend in particular), sometimes I get girl crushes. Okay that’s a lie, I’ve always got a few girl crushes going on simulaenously. I just can’t help it. Ladies are awesome.

One perennial girl crush, who I no doubt share with thousands of Australian girls is Zoë Foster-Blake. Author-columnist-relationships guru-skincare creator-blogger-cat lover, Zoë has been on my girl crush list since high school when I would attend the seasonal Primped David Jones beauty events, following Zoë around the Elizabeth Street store holding onto my precious gift bag of freebies for dear life.

So while the years have passed and I can finally justify spending more on the beauty treats Zoë would recommend, what hasn’t changed is my enthusiasm to attend any event hosted by the divine Ms Foster-Blake. Which recently included the launch of her sixth book, The Wrong Girl. QT Bar was the stage for the Sydney event, where my lady friend and I devoured arancini and champagne before spending a delightful hour in an intimate audience as Zoë took us through the book and answered audience questions. Of course we all rushed to get our hot little hands on it afterwards, and then wait in the giggly line to meet the author!

Bri: “So, like, you are sort of my hero”

Zoë: “Love your dress, I’d wear it if I weren’t pregnant”


Bri: “She likes my dress! She likes my taste! Does this mean we’re BFF’s?”



Having devoured it in a few days, I would absolutely recommend The Wrong Girl. The characters are loveable with very of-the-moment personalities. Take Simone, the clean eating “my body is a temple” model who does total backflips on her weekday zen with her party-hard-every-weekend lifestyle. With a protagonist you want to be friends with, a love interest that makes you swoon, and writing that makes you laugh out loud on public transport (oops!) – this is everything you could want in chick-lit. (And for the record, don’t judge chick-lit from your snobby, intellectual high-horse. It’s clever, it’s popular and it sells for a reason.)

For more  Zoë, check out her brilliant blog. You can thank me later!



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