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Alice McCall S/S 2014/15

Stealing glances at Instagram is as close as I have gotten (so far!) to the shows of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, happening in Sydney this week. While the events are a short stroll down the road from my office, they have been brought even closer courtesy of my dear friend who has been volunteering. Volunteering and providing a running commentary that is. My favourite so far being:

Today, 12:50pm “Backstage dressing models”

Today, 12:59pm “MALE MODELS”

While not all of us fashion lovers are recognised as warranting an invitation, we can thank the internet for delivering us the front row view at lightning speed. I’ve been oooh-ing and aaah-ing all week, but the most excited I have found myself was today, checking out the playful yet polished designs of Alice McCall. Absolutely dying over the pink lip print dress. And of course the divine Nicole Warne rocked up to the show in the two piece version. Sigh, to be a fashionista!

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