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Ilili Box

If you’d told me my favourite New York meal would star cauliflower. I probably would have laughed at you. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my vegetables, but New York was destined to be the holiday of unhealthy food. Hot dogs, cheesy fries, burgers and Magnolia Bakery delights.

After a wonderful day exploring Williamsburg, enjoying The Best Pumpernickel Lox Bagel Ever at the famed Bagel Store, snapping up some fabulous pieces from cute boutiques and riding the (free!) Staten Island Ferry to meet Lady Liberty at dusk, we were ravenous for a feast.

Enter Dinner Plan 1 – Eataly. This gourmet Italian food hall came highly recommended from friends and bloggers and after a day on foot, we were ravenous for a feast. Deli style counters of antipasti, pastas, cured meats and cheeses. It was bustling with laugher, fragrant aromas and an air of general satisfaction. Unfortunately this popularity meant no tables. So while  I can vouch for checking it out, we left with our bellies empty. We needed to rest our weary feet more than we needed pasta. Believe it or not!

Enter Dinner Plan 2 – Shake Shack! Many are familiar with this fast food joint, famed for their burgers, crinkle fries and thick shakes. A feast under the fairy lights of Madison Square Park was in our sights as we exited Eataly and made our way past the Flatiron Building… As we made our way there, we stumped upon a strip of flowers, tables and small groups of people sipping wine, fresh juice and eating out of brown cardboard boxes. Curious, we abandoned our burger plans and made our way to the white pop up building, which was producing some very moreish smells..

Ilili box New York flat iron building

Enter Dinner 3 – Mediterranean takeaway that blew our minds it was that good. My 2 boxes and a fresh juice left me so change from a $20. Now that’s a success!

ilili box meal

Cauliflower with grapes, fig jam, sherry vinegar, walnut and mint yoghurt

Falafel Beirtuti with pickled turnip, tomato, tahini, parsley and mint

Green lemonade with mint, ginger and cucumber

I’m making it my mission to try and replicate that Cauliflower dish, for it was actually incredible. Combination of flavours was next level. While waiting in line a lovely New York Lady said they used to do a Brussels sprout version which was just as good.

There was a lesson in this experience for the girl who brought an 11 page To Do list of New York recommendations. Sometimes the best experiences are made on your on… The things you stumble across unplanned often become the highlight. And now I have my own New York recommendation! Do tell me how you like it!

ilili box New York




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