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What I Wore – Lime Time

When putting together outfits for work, I like to try and challenge myself and get the most out of my wardrobe by wearing something different every day. Not necessarily new – I love clothes more than most but even I acknowledge that would be grossly wasteful. New, different combinations of pieces, whether it’s a different scarf, necklace or perhaps trying a skirt with what had previously been a pants outfit.

In an attempt to remember what I’ve matched for those moments of sartorial blank, I sometimes take a sneaky mirror shot as I dash out the door.

In the spirit of sharing, and considering my guilty pleasure of checking out stylish ladies across the internet, here goes with sharing!

Please excuse the terrible photography – I’m far from warranting a picture heavy street photo shoot!

Zara jumper, Forever 21 leather pants, Forever New silk scarf, Aldo shoes




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