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What I Wore – Topshop Meets Bistro

I was jittery with excitement when I stepped through the threshold of Topshop in London back in a December 2012. I am still so fond of the tulip skirt I purchased.

“Made in Romania! Wow, I really am in Europe…”

(Sweet, somewhat sheltered tourist. What a wonderful, worldy experience Europe was. But now I digress!)

Since then, us Sydneysiders have been treated to a multi-level Topshop store in the CBD, where I have been a happy attendee at Elle magazine reader events and shopping trips.  Better yet, sale events. Like a few weeks ago, when the Gods of Topshop we’re offering 3 for 2. Thats’s 1 for free. Can you hear the ka-Ching of the register?

I was on a Mother-Daughter Shopping Night (some cook together, some talk on the phone, some avoid each other – we shop together). Mother D practically forced this blouse into my arms and before I knew it, I was at the register without having tried it on.

It’s a shout out to the wait staff shirts at the local bistro, but it sure received a lot of nice comments, so once again,  Thanks Mum.

Floral Topshop blouse denim skirt

Topshop Petite blouse, Aldo shoes, Tiffany & Co jewellery, Michael Kors watch


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