Fairytale Scarf

Once upon a time a young lady wandered into her local Mimco store and caught sight of the most divine scarf she had ever seen. Silk. Florals. Pearls. Pink. It tickled her every fancy – “Is this my dream scarf??” she pondered.

Turning the swing tag over, she was saddened to see the three digit number. She wasn’t surprised by this, for the quality was high and the brand was respected.  But this young lady was a frugal shopper, although she bought a lot, she watched her prices carefully.

That day the scarf was left in the store, but certainly not forgotten. She ummed and ahhhed over it for weeks, until one day it hit the sale section. The week of her birthday. The timing was impeccable and she promptly purchased the last scarf!

Months later, the scarf remains her favourite, and the young lady is living happily ever after.

Mimco silk scarf pearlMimco silk scarf pearlsMimco silk scarf pearl


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