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Pop. Fizz. Clink.

Happy New Year! (cough – Happy 6th January!)

2016, can you believe it! Flicking through the very few things I have posted to this tiny corner (and corner is putting it kindly – speck of dust?) of The Internet, I couldn’t help but smile. My online diary has been alive for three years now, and although I preface almost every post with this is when I start getting regular about blog posts it really is just a bit of fun when I feel like having a ramble to myself!

As my office hours have been less frantic over the summer holidays, I’ve cheekily snuck in more time perusing my favourite blogs at work, and sharing recommendations with my colleagues. While it sure is inspiring, it is also very daunting to then return here and start typing. What are you bothering for? No one will ever see this. 

I wonder what voices run through other people’s heads? And what is it that makes us want to spill our thoughts online? Am I super self-absorbed? Vain? Have a high opinion of myself? I should hope those who know me would respond with a resounding no. I tend to think it’s our generation – we’re constantly switched on and connected. I spent my teen years reading blogs from girls all over the world, and am still following them as a twenty-something adult. Whether they were in Newcastle, UK or Newcastle, Australia, their words would always resonate. And there’s something a bit special about finding someone to follow who you can genuinely imagine being friends with (or you wanting to at least – Liv Purvis and Julia Engel, I’m free for coffee any time!)

So here goes 2016! I hope to be back soon. If not, see you in four to eight months 😉


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