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Resolution #1 – Creativity.

I’m an absolute sucker for New Years Resolutions. Always have been. Sure we get a new day every time the sun rises, but there’s something about saying the name of a new year, a clean new calendar, that really excites and inspires me to set new intentions and goals for myself.

My major resolution for 2016 is to be embrace creativity. Creativity of all sorts, other peoples, and my own (in my case, mostly from a beginner level!) Sewing, piano, drawing (cough, colouring in), graphic design, writing, cooking, reading… I hope to document these new adventures as I go, so hopefully writing this down holds me to it! I am well aware that it does sound a bit cheesy to strive for these new endeavours, but working full time (in a job I love, certainly no complaints!) can sometimes feel a bit For The Man. I’m the “nerd” who loved school and university for the prospect of learning – opening my mind to something new, stretching the capacity of my brain, challenging my pre-conceived notions. And so I hope my ambitions to learn new skills this year will satisfy my learning for more.

And creativity – I suppose this stems from my constant awe of things. My love of seeking out something that looks, feels, sounds, tastes beautiful – and my selfish need to want to be the one who created that beautiful thing.

This all sounds very aloof, so I hope to be able to share what I come across. Off I go to source some “X for Dummies”….

What are your New Years Resolutions?





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