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Resolution #2 – Goodbye Shops, Hello Wardrobe.

My second major New Years Resolution is a big one – anyone who knows me would attest to it – Stop. Clothes. Shopping.

Phew, it’s a challenge to even write that!

While by no means am I dropping three (or four, or five…) figures on designer clothing regularly, I have certainly amassed a lot of pieces over the years. One of the downsides to being switched on every day – from the moment I wake up, during my commute, at work, after dinner, before bed… – is being constantly bombarded by all things new. 





While I’m certainly not pointing the finger at the brands I follow – key word here being choose to follow them – it can get overwhelming, and leave me feeling a little flat. Sure, shopping is great fun. But without a specific purpose, it can be quite soul-less.

I have been reading a lot about this recently, and two ideas have really struck a chord.

  1. Buying new things only leaves you wanting more. The post-purchase glow only lasts until you see the next shiny possession that all of a sudden you can’t live without. And so the cycle continues.
  2. The capsule wardrobe. The key pieces that represent the essence of your style, that can be  coordinated to form an outfit for every occasion. I like the analogy that these are the main ‘ingredients’ for your outfit, with additional ‘spices’ thrown in from time to time.

Now I won’t be culling everything I own minus two pairs of pants, white shirts and a breton stripe – but I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, and the way it would force me to be creative with what I already own.

So I’ve committed it to writing – this is the year of the considered purchase when the occasion requires it, or if I am head over heels in love and cannot live without. This is the end of mindless browsing, the end of life would be better if I owned that. Because it wouldn’t.

2016 is the year of refining my style, using my bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe as my base. I already know what pieces I gravitate towards, so it will be an interesting exercise in noting what my staples are. Because embarrassing as it is to admit, my current staples are few, due to my previous need to constantly be wearing a new combination, or new piece.

Wish me luck!

Disclaimer – I hate if this comes across as judgemental, or anti-consumerism. Because boy do I love nice things, and will continue to purchase them. My mini-rant was more a new way of thinking for me, a new lens I want to view the shopping world through. This will hopefully enable me to save money, get enjoyment out of the lovely things I already own, further refine my personal style and increase the satisfaction I get from buying something new.


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