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The Shadow Puppets are back in the spotlight.

I read a quote the other day that made me laugh at its truth – People who say they like all music love nothing. Stop talking to these people.

So the stop talking is going a bit far for my liking, but I definitely do not fall in this “like it all” personality type. Because what I like, I love. Love hard.

One such group is The Last Shadow Puppets, a duo of the glorious Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame, and Miles Kane. Twice I’ve seem them live (come to Sydney puh-leaseee) and twice I’ve left the venue “Oh my gosh that was my favourite gig everrrrr.”

I digress. Their second album will land in spring (Autumn in Australia – two months and counting down!) and their first single Bad Habits was released a few days ago.

For no other reason than (YAY NEW TUNES) here it is. And an excuse for me to watch it again…

And for old times sake, let’s reflect on these majestic turtlenecks in their 2008 glory…


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