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All Hail Queen Kelk

I have a shelf in my room that my boyfriend refers to as my Trophy Shelf. No, I wasn’t a sports champion (thanks for the assumption), rather, I proudly display my Good Books stacked neatly with the titles on the spine clear for all to see. My Trophy Shelf is where Tolstoy, Austen, Fitzgerald and their companions hang out and talk politics, gender roles and thoughts on the state of the world.

I believe this is true of a lot of readers. And what’s also true is that they probably have another collection. Hidden away out of sight, yet without dust, for it is reached for the most. I know mine certainly is.

As I write this I want to scold myself – why shouldn’t I be as proud of the ‘chick lit’ I adoringly devour? A lot of the time it gives me more joy than the classics. Providing an escape to look forward to on my commute, dog eared and lined with sand from beach holidays.

I should be proud of this collection – and so from here on in I will be!

My latest find, discovered from one of my favourite blogs What Olivia Did is Lindsey Kelk’s I Heart… series. I’ve flown through three books in less weeks, and eagerly look forward to the next! An old, nevertheless delightful interview Olivia published with Lindsey Kelk can be enjoyed here. (You can thank me later if you’re yet to stumble upon this blog!)

The first book in the series, I Heart New York follows the adventures of Angela Clark, a Brit who finds herself in New York hours after busting up with her ex after catching him cheating on her at her best friend’s wedding (phew!). Kelk has created a series of characters I want to hang out with – hilarious (and gorgeous) males and females who aren’t annoyingly perfect and completely unrealistic (unlike many of their chick lit fictional counterparts).
What I’ve also loved about these books so far is the locations – I am taken back to my holiday exploring the major landmarks of New York, driving around in a convertible in LA, and strolling the streets of Paris, croissant in hand.

If you’re looking for a fun read I can’t recommend Lindsey Kelk’s work more. You’ll get change from $5 on the Kindle Amazon store, and you’ll get a whole lot more joy! I’m certainly looking forward to it.



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