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When the boys are away…

The girlfriends play. (And by play, I mean eat.)

Growing Up had seen an end to sleepovers. Not post-party crash on the couch at a friends, but BYO sleeping bag and pillow situation, watching movies and falling asleep after laughing for hours. 

A boys camping trip was the perfect excuse for the ladies to gather and reenact one of our favourite pastimes of youth. And we learnt that some things never change. You eat too much, stay up too late and sleep in despite slumming it on the floor. 

The difference now being the wine, significantly better spread of food, and the viewing material. If you are yet to see Fifty Shades of Grey – you’re not missing out. As a joke we decided to watch it – and within moments of it beginning we were already screeching at the (lack of) storyline and the frustrating characters. Didn’t make it through, happy to leave that one unfinished. 

On a more positive note, here’s the spread – and a brilliant recipe for San Choy Bow that I wholeheartedly recommend! I added grated carrot and peas #becausehealth – my way of justifying the sugar overload that was to come!    



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