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Lessons in Pastry (and Life)

My paternal Grandmother is defying age – tennis-playing, surfing, socialising and galavanting around the world (while stocking up on MAC products for me!) She is all the good stereotypes about a Grandmother – loving, warm, generous and a superb baker. Her recent 80th birthday had me reflecting on the importance of family, and spending time with these wise souls… Continue reading Lessons in Pastry (and Life)

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The Wrong Girl – The Right Book!

I like the male species. They’ve done some good work over the years. Helping females procreate, building things, discovering things. Occasionally ruining things, but let’s focus on the positive stuff now. So while I’m all for males (one boyfriend in particular), sometimes I get girl crushes. Okay that’s a lie, I’ve always got a few girl crushes… Continue reading The Wrong Girl – The Right Book!